Montag, Mai 30, 2005

South Tirol, Italy

Sorry Folks, no pictures!
The software that I had to download was okay, and I can use it to work on all personal photos off-line, but it doesn't seem to work with this web-site...

I just got back from Italy! Four days in South Tirol. For all of you who don't know anything about Middle-European history, South Tirol was an independant state until the first world war; they were taken over by the Germans then (well, the customs and language are German!), and now they belong to Italy. Although 85% of the population are German, and speak German. The customs are very German or Austrian as well.

We had a great time! We hiked and hiked and hiked. Hey, we're on the southern side of the Alps. Lots of cool canyons and mountains. Of course, I'm way afraid of heights, so a few of the tours were scarey for me, but I endured.

And the HTCR ( Holz Trocknungs Club Rosenheim ); a kind of private fraternity, is a great bunch of people. We've been taking trips for the last five years together. All over Europe, and very diverse trips. We, ourselves, were very diverse this time. From all over Germany and Austria. Married and single. And one toddler and one baby. And one pregnant woman.

Well, we're "growing up!"

I'll try to put some pictures and some impressions of our Amazone trip in soon.

Montag, Mai 23, 2005

I think I've figured it out...
I hope you'll be able to see some picures.
If not today, then in the next few days!

Montag, Mai 09, 2005

I'm back!

Hi everyone!

Some of you know already (per telephone) that I've arrived safe and sound from the Amazone River and over the Atlantic, via the Cap Verde Islands and the Canary Islands, back in Germany. For the rest of you, I can only say that it was the most incredible trip I've ever taken! In the next few days, or maybe weeks, I'll be posting pictures of the trip, and copying exerpts from my journal.

Growing up in a "Flyer-Family," I've travelled often. This cruise showed me the best and the worst sides of human nature (I'll get into that in the next few days), brought me to places and to people that I never thought I'd see, and awakened me to other ways of thinking.

The next posts will show what I mean...