Dienstag, September 27, 2005

Subway Horror and Job Interviews

So, I've told you about drunk Oktoberfest people in the Munich subway.

Well, today, there was a soccer game.

I don't know if you're familiar with the average German soccer fan. I'll tell you about it:

They want to see a good game, they root for their team, and about a third like to get drunk. A the lines are long, and the fans don't want to miss a minute of the game standing in line for the next beer, they get drunk ahead of time.

And what a coincidence: it's Oktoberfest! Take the day off, get drunk and go on some rides, then take the subway to the Stadium!

I picked my seat VERY carefully today. Is the person across from me drunk? Is he going to throw up on me? Or just be a general nuisance?

Thank God I rode with a colleague: Mark H. today. He's the "knight in shining armour" at the reception. "A Question?" Mark knows the answer. "A problem?" Mark can solve it. "You want to talk about life's mysteries?" Mark's there to talk. He's always in a good mood, and being around him makes everyone feel good! Too bad that he's taken (romantically). His partner's name is Georg, and I met him at the Oktoberfest last Thursday. Very nice!

You've all had job interviews. I've had about 9 - 10. Seven were successful.

Today, I was on the other side: I was the interviewer. It was a great candidate, as he had worked for Berlitz before, and was just relocating with a British Company to Munich. We'll hire him free-lance, I'm sure. It's just a strange feeling being on "the other side of the desk!!!!!!"

A note to all who read my last post: my sister's web-site is: www.suletzki.com
It's worth reading! Even though personal references are unknown . . .

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