Samstag, September 03, 2005


Here are the first pictures of Verona, Italy.

It's a beautiful city! Every tiny apartment has a balcony (about 6 sq. feet or 1.5 sq. meters), but they take pride in making it into an artwork.

My brother-in-law, Andreas, was sick and tired of balconies after a few hours, whereas I loved them! He also didn't really want to see gardens, but we dragged him to one. Here the pictures.

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Am/um 2:43 PM , Blogger ben meinte...

nice! i'm not sure which is better - living a few hours from spectacular wilderness (Washington State) or being able to drive to Italy for the weekend...

are you shooting with your video camera thing or are these film scans or did you finally get a digital camera?

Am/um 11:00 PM , Blogger Alix meinte...

No, these are scanned-in paper photographs.

The video camera doesn't do the hi-res pictures, and we don't have enough money for a really good digital camera!



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