Samstag, Januar 20, 2007

New Try

Well, Folks, Blogger International doesn't seem to want me to send any pictures. You'll have to look at them under

We went to the Ten Years After Concert in Munich last Sunday. Wow!!!! A small hall (max 300 people) built up as a factory. The band has been around as long as I have lived (1970), and they were great!!! A few substitutions, a bit younger, but still!

Traudl was babysitter, but Simon decided he wanted to cry (due to teething), and she was so worried that she had done something wrong.

Michi is the newest victim of "Selective Hearing." I always thought it was the over-50-year-olds that had it. No, it seems to be a husband/parent thing. A neighbor had a baby 5 weeks ago. We have a bag of presents. So did Traudl. Traudl told us that she had visited them and braught her bag of goodies.
Michi looked at the bag that we had prepared for the new parents, and said, "I thought you said Mom brought our bag of presents?"
"Yes," I said, "HER bag, not ours..."

For the last 15 weeks, Simon has been getting 5 meals a day. 7am, 11am,3pm, 6pm and 10pm. Variations are possible, and because Michi likes to take Simon along everywhere: very variable. But always: 5 meals!!!
And then last week, at 9pm: "Oh, he gets another meal???!!!" (as if Simon had never eaten that late.....)

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