Mittwoch, April 06, 2005


As you all know, Michael and I are going on Vacation on Sunday!

A huge, long trip through the Amazon River and then over the Atlantic to Germany. We'll be gone for four weeks, and after we get back, I'll start using this site for real.

You can take a look at where we are every day on There's a daily webcam shot of where we are.

And you can reach me under

Don't be disappointed if I don't reply to any e-mails right away! Or at all. It costs $5 per outgoing e-mail . . . so I won't be writing much!

I'll talk to you all in May!

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Am/um 2:03 PM , Blogger ben meinte...

This sounds like a really cool trip. Let me know if you need any design help customizing this or tips on how to get your photos up on blogs from the trip.


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